Helping You Make Better Retrofit Decisions

Switchee gives you the in-depth performance data of retrofit solutions to track performance short-term or long-term and help save your business from poor quality rollouts.


Vaidate Retrofit Solutions

Use Data-Based Insights to Validate Trial Retrofit Solutions for a Full Rollout

With Switchee's insights you can track retrofit solution performance from its initial impact throughout its lifetime. This gives you real-world data to prove the efficiency of your measures. Identify potential retrofit properties as well as the long-term savings.

Solution Comparison

Contrast and Compare Solutions





Track Retrofit Performance

Track Experimental Retrofit Solutions Over Their Full Lifetimes

With Switchee's industry-leading insights, understand the viability of an experimental retrofit solution. Whether proving the long-term benefits of innovation measures or the immediate reduction mould cases after intervention.


Our Customers

“We have seen the benefits in the landlord dashboard data, which has helped us to identify customers who require support in changing the way they use their new heating system.”
Kirsty Tweddell, Asset Sustainability Manager

We provide industry-leading support

We provide front-line telephone support for residents with our products installed, as well as personal client support through an account manager and our customer success team.