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The Switchee Summit brings together professionals in the social housing sector to discuss how we can unite and tackle issues such as mould, resident health, and the use of technology and data in the drive towards Net Zero. In 2023, the inaugural Switchee Summit, titled ‘Together shaping the future of social housing’, brought together over 160 delegates to address how the industry can improve resident welfare using technology and data.

This unique peer-to-peer led learning experience unites social housing sector professionals under one roof to tackle how together we can:

Manage the manifestation of mould in social housing.

Ensure we have healthy residents living in healthy, affordable homes.

Harness the power of technology and data in the drive towards Net Zero.

Key Topics

Improving resident's lives with IoT
The current state of social housing
AI-powered property insights
Mass vision retrofit
Prescribing heat
Energy efficiency in social housing


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Switchee Summit 2023

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