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video Webinar | January 26th 2023

Switchee receives over 8 billion data points per year giving real-time actionable insights into property performance, and flags for the potential risk of condensation, damp, and mould. What if this real-time data could be integrated into your CRM; helping you better support residents and improve the quality of their homes?

Director of Asset Strategy and Delivery, Phil Pemberton, showcases how Riverside are transforming resident communications this winter. Riverside share how they successfully used IoT Technology to flag potential fuel poverty, reach vulnerable residents and offer access to financial support.

Without a doubt, the October Energy price hike is going to hit millions of people hard. But what will the real, on-the-ground impact be on fuel poverty? Hear from Adam Scorer, Chief Executive NEA, who will provide all the latest information and advice on how social landlords can support vulnerable residents.

Switchee’s Head of Product Engineering, Ian Hutton will share with you a a holistic representation of fuel poverty in the UK, where is it likely to be more prevalent and across what archetypes by overlaying Switchee data with other open-data sources including EPC data.

With increasing focus on net zero obligations, and the stress that is likely to put onto housing providers budgets, we’ve pulled together a panel of experts to discuss exactly what you need to know to appropriately plan for Net Zero. 

At this session of Blue Banana’s UnCon – Alastair and Tom go over what the data can tell us about mould in affordable housing and what lockdown has taught our clients about resident heating patterns.

In light of the recent 2nd phase implementation of the Homes Fitness for Human Habitation legislation, we have brought together a panel of 3 industry experts to give us their views and responses to it.

At Unissu’s Re:Connect event this year, Tom from our team talks about Switchee and its mission to improve the quality of life for people living in rented homes.

Now fully in force across all tenancies, this new legislation brings no new landlord obligations but does bring a whole load of potential consequences for our social housing sector.

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